UpSchema 2.2.0 Released!

UpSchema 2.2.0 (First Part) is released! Please carefully read this release note and let us know if you have any questions. This is a major update and you will get lots of new useful features.
1. Few fields and nodes/references added in Business schema, org schema.
2. CPT/Taxonomy Specific Push. You can now push to Certain content types. For example: a schema to all posts or a schema to all pages (products if in woo-commerce). Also you can now push to a category or tag. Or choose to show schema to all archive page under a given category or tag.
3. Schema Templates tags! This is a exciting feature. Now you can add template tags into schema field and when in the site those tags will take information from post and show them. For example: if you add {{title}} will show page/post title in the site. See comment for full list of tags.
4. UI Update: A search box is added to search schema more easily.
5. UI Update: Table column heading is now clickable to sort schema by ascending and descending order.
6. Schema Re-sync: This is another exciting feature. Previously when you updated a schema. You had to go the the site and push again. Now there will be a checkbox just above the schema save button. If you check it then save your newly update schema content will be synced to all the sites you have pushed it.
7. Schema Reference/Node Selection: Previously the select box pulled all schema now it will only pull schema that is valid for that given field. For example some reference/nodes only valid for organization, choosing anything else will make the schema invalid. Now we have added extra filter so that only valid schema is shown in the list for you to choose.
UPCOMING!! Note that two major feature of v2.2 is still in development. We will publish it under 2.2.1.
1. The Custom schema which will allow you to create any types of schema.

2. Custom Fields: Add fields with any name and value on schemas.

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