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Video Training

step by step training (over shoulder) that helps your gmbs achieve better results faster. With the focused signals supplied in training and you shall see a rise in rankings

Software Subscription

You will get access to our powerful SAAS tool which will help you follow along with the training and apply new techniques.

Professional Support!

Our highly trained support team will always be with you in the process. Just use our support chat to get help 24/7!

Frequent Update

We are continuous testing and updating our methods after each google update.

Private Discord Access

You will be given access to our private discord group where you can learn and share your methods. Get feedback from SEO experts and veterans.

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Most proven GMB Ranking method of 2024!

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Kendrick Mayer


Jimmy is action. What I mean is, he's always going... he's digging in to new ideas and approaches, testing on a large scale and sharing results on what to do or what to avoid. It's not the same ol', same ol' regurgitated junk - definitely innovative. He's also very responsive to questions, which is awesome. It's no magic bullet, and I've had some struggles compared to some results I've seen from others, but steady-on nonetheless.

Laurence Banville

Digital Marketer

I have essentially replaced bot ctr with this method as, it works wonders for local; you can actually get leads from it; no need for proxies and all that! I have countless before and afters, but used it to greatly improve a Lawyar niche keyword for a law firm. 30c per click for a accident lawyer ad, that helps you rank AND can get leads on its own!!

Ary Azez

SEO & Owner Partopia Digital

Jimmy’s Linkfy method has been a game changer for our agency. We operate on a results-based retainer and typically need to expedite our results in competitive niches. We were able to get 3 months of SEO results in just 1 week using this method. I have it applied for all of my clients now and it’s awesome.

Mark Stevens

Marketing Consultant

I was interested to see this offer from Jimmy and I decided to invest and test. Wow, is all I can say - an amazing set of results with some good live GBP map movement within (in some cases) a few hours for some fairly chunky search terms. While other GBPs take longer, there is generally good benefit, especially for moving from 20+ or 10+ to the top 5/4/3.

The method is easy to implement and support is great - very responsive. The addition of a private closed group is also beneficial allowing users to comment, report and advise freely. Jim is very active in the group which is also great to see.

Echoing Jimmy's words I would stress that the need to have everything optimized on the main business website served by the GBP is really important so, before launching off into this method, make sure your sites are well optimized (Jimmy, more on this for some could be useful?)

With time, Jimmy and his team have continued to improve both the product and introduce some further updated videos (very helpful indeed). No hesitation in recommending this approach and Jimmy's product. Maps gold!

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